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Pure CSS Sliding Modal

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Written by Posted on December 27th, 2013 No Comments
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Pure CSS Sliding Modal.

Today we are going to be making a Pure CSS Sliding Modal using a trick that was inspired by an article I read at which used the pseudo selector :checked and the adjacent selector which I thought was cool. So using that trick to make my own version, I’m making a sliding modal using pure CSS.



This sliding modal gets it’s grace from using CSS Animation Tool which allows you to tweak your CSS3 easing to your liking.

Well I hope you enjoyed this cool trick without using JavaScript!

Check out the Demo! Download files!


Hi, my name is Eric Young. I’m a web designer who has worked in the IT industry since 2000. I love blogging and making the web a better place. If I'm not here I'm probably playing Gears of War. LOL

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