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jQuery Tip 8 Tabs

*Set the video to HD for best viewing experience.
Written by Posted on September 3rd, 2013 No Comments
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Today we are going to make jQuery Tip 8 Tabs.

This is a cool trick that adds style to your site and also allows you to manage content a little cleaner. When we click on an anchor tag, we show the p that corresponds with the href from the link you clicked.




This is a cool effect, I hope it helps you on a project. I hope nobody notices that I made an error on the video number. LOL

And as always…

Happy Coding!

Check out the Demo! Download files!


Hi, my name is Eric Young. I’m a web designer who has worked in the IT industry since 2000. I love blogging and making the web a better place. If I'm not here I'm probably playing Gears of War. LOL

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