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jQuery Tip 14 Testimonial Slideshow

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Written by Posted on October 29th, 2013 No Comments
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Today we are going to make jQuery Tip 14 Testimonial Slideshow!

This is a useful tip that I recently used on a website that wanted to show there visitors right when they hit there page a bunch of testimonials. So the solution was to add a testimonial slideshow that cycles through the list items and then starts over.

Here is the website it was used on

Pretty cool so lets get started…




So this is is a cool tip that comes in handy when displaying testimonials.

And as always…

Happy Coding!

Check out the Demo! Download files!


Hi, my name is Eric Young. I’m a web designer who has worked in the IT industry since 2000. I love blogging and making the web a better place. If I'm not here I'm probably playing Gears of War. LOL

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