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How to setup WAMP for WordPress

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Written by Posted on February 2nd, 2014 1 Comment
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Today were going to setup WAMP for WordPress

I’m going to walk you through the installation and how to setup up your mysql username and password as well as how to setup the apache rewrite so your permalink settings work in WordPress on your local server.

1. Download from

2. Finish installation.

The default settings during the installation work find.

3. Left click the green WAMP server icon in the task bar and click mysql>mysql console

How to setup WAMP for WordPress

4. When it prompts you for your password click enter

5. Then set your password as written below

Don’t forget the semi colons.

6. Flush privileges

7. Then quit out of the console

Hit enter at the end of every line in the console.

Here is how it should look at the end.

How to setup WAMP for WordPress

8. Left click the WAMP server icon and click apache>Apache Modules and then scroll down and click rewrite_module

How to setup WAMP for WordPress

Now your permalinks will work in WordPress on your local server. Well I hope you this helps you setup WAMP for WordPress!

Check out How to install WordPress on WAMP here!


Hi, my name is Eric Young. I’m a web designer who has worked in the IT industry since 2000. I love blogging and making the web a better place. If I'm not here I'm probably playing Gears of War. LOL

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  1. Jeremy says:

    This was a very help full video. I was lost without it. Tks Eric!

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