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SASS SIMPLIFIED – 5 Video Series

Written by Posted on January 18th, 2015 1 Comment
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Video 1 – Prepros, variables and mixins.

This video walks you through using Prepros with SASS and getting started with variables and mixins.

Download Prepros here.

Video 2 – Advanced Mixins

Here are the 2 examples used.

Video 3 – Partials

This video shows you how to use partials and goes in to how you would set it up for multiple partials and the logic needed.

Make sure you use a underscore to name your file i.e. _mixins.scss

Video 4 – Nesting and Extends

How to use nesting for specificity and extend classes to other classes also known as inheritance.

Video 5 – Color Functions

Here are some color functions I like with SASS and how to use them.

Here is the code used from this video.

I put this video series together from request on youtube and I hope it helps people get started using SASS. If anyone has questions let me know.

Here is a good SASS guide

Happy Coding!


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