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CSS3 Transitions

Written by Posted on May 16th, 2013 No Comments
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First, lets break down all the properties that make up CSS3 Transitions:

transition-property: This is the name of the property you will be adding the transition to. transition-duration: This is the total amount of time for the duration of the transition. transition-timing-function: This is how the speed during a transition will be calculated. transition-delay: This is the amount before the start of the transition

They have a shorthand for all of these properties together as followed:

transition: width 1s linear 2s;

The above example could be broken down as followed:

transition-property: width; /*CSS property */ transition-duration: 1s; /* duration */ transition-timing-function: linear; /* How the transition will be calculated */ transition-delay: 2s; /* The amount of time before starting, by default is 0 */

A transition is added to an element and when it is hovered or another pseudo class is present.

 So let me illustrate with an example.

In this example we are using 2 transitions, 1.) is targeting the border, 2.) the other is targeting the background property. I could have said all instead of a property and it would have included all the properties of the #uniqueBox:hover.

Another example using all instead of a specific property

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Remember to use browser prefixes and keep in mind its not compatible on all browsers so check this site to see if you can use it on your targeted audience Well for more info on CSS3 transitions check out

And as always…

Happy Coding!


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