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Download free vector icons as SVG, PNG or WebFont directly in your Photoshop

Written by Posted on November 1st, 2013 No Comments
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The Freepik’s team launched a new project, Flaticon, the world’s biggest vector icon database with more than 15000 high quality vector icons. A project with free files, free to use, even for commercial purposes.

But the most important release it’s on the Flaticon Photoshop plugin, that allows you to access to the Flaticon database without leaving your work environment in an updated, synchronized way.


Once it’s installed, Flaticon plugin lets you improve graphic designer’s work dynamics by not having to leave the Photoshop desktop every time they need an icon to incorporate it into a design.

The plugin let’s you look directly at the database and incorporate the icons to Photoshop in an easy way, and also customize and adapt them, making your work easier. Until now, it was necessary to import any icon vector to Photoshop using Adobe Illustrator.

This new plugin arises, as the rest of the project developed by Freepik, in order to make easier the designers and developer’s life, besides following the trends of international design that tends to vector, as it’s customizable to any kind and size with a responsive result.


On the Internet there are many pages where to find free icons, so what makes Flaticon different?

Besides the Photoshop plugin, the fact that has been developed to become the world biggest and more important icon vector database, nowadays with more than 15000 files. From them, many created by Freepik’s design team in the most diverse sorts and styles, and the rest comes from Creative Commons external resources.


Flaticon gives users the opportunity to download the icons for free and directly from the web en PNG, SVG and Webfont. The last one is really important because the user can build a webfont icon and use it both web development to mobile application development.

This project joins Freepik family, that leads the graphic resources search engine leader on the Internet with more than 8,5 mill visits per month, 1,4 mill files available and more than 100 mill downloads.

So lets walk through using the plugin

1. Download the plugin

Download free vector icons as SVG, PNG or WebFont directly in your Photoshop

2. Install extension

3. Open Photoshop

4. Click windows>extensions>FlatIcon

Download free vector icons as SVG, PNG or WebFont directly in your Photoshop

5. Type in what you are looking for and then click the down arrow and pick the option that best suits you.

6. Drag desired icon to design

Download free vector icons as SVG, PNG or WebFont directly in your Photoshop

Let’s thank everyone at Freepik’s for making a great product that can easily be adapted in your workflow and save you time and increase your production.

So there you have it, another great design tool!


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