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CSS3Ps Free Photoshop Plugin

Written by Posted on March 7th, 2013 No Comments
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Today were going to go over how to install and use this great plugin, the CSS3Ps Free Photoshop Plugin.

If you design websites using Photoshop, then  this is a must have. It reminds me a lot of the fireworks CSS panel where it spits out the CSS for the layer selected including the CSS3.

However, this is for web designers who use Photoshop

Below is an example of how the CSS3Ps Free Photoshop Plugin spits the CSS out for you from there site. Just copy and paste.

You can also get it in SASS, SCSS or regular CSS.

CSS3Ps Free Photoshop Plugin

Finally, a  plugin for web design, thats for photoshop!

This is a true time saver! It has all the new CSS3 properties, i.e. border-radius, gradients. If adapted into your workflow it will prove to be a real tool and for me, Photoshop is the only program I use to design websites with. So get it from


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