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LUCiD GRAFiX New to WordPress

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    Do you need to know code to make a basic WordPress site?

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    Eric Young

    Good question, the answer is yes and no, what I mean is that if you have wordpress installed you can do a lot with all the themes, plugins and basic functions of wordpress, but if you want to go outside the box you need to know how to code as well as know how wordpress is structured.

    But.. Very soon I will be making a series on how to take a design from PhotoShop and slice it up and then convert it to HTML and CSS, and then convert it to WordPress. So stay tuned for that.

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    Is this site a WordPress site?

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    I am brand new to things such as WordPress, CSS, etc. Assuming that this site is a “WordPress Site” by definition, I am wondering if you or anyone has had experience with the WordPress mobile app? It says on their site that it allows you to upload photos, edit pages and so on from iOS or Android. Just wondering if you have tried it, and if so, if you have found it useful or not.

    I see mixed reviews on the App Store:

    Personally, I like doing stuff like this by desktop/laptop. But, I know someone who is always trying to update/maintain via iPad, through several different web editor’s apps. They’ve been hopping around trying different ones hoping to get one that runs well and is productive. For them it is a deal maker/breaker kind of thing.

    So aside from those App Store reviews, just looking for a personal (friend of a friend) recommendation to pass along.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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